Harry gwala fm - HARRY GWALA FM

Radio station background

The station is the first community radio station to be launched and aired in the small town of Umzimkhulu. Reality is that the Harry Gwala District is the ONLY district, in the entire KwaZulu-Natal Province that had no community radio. Sisonke Community Radio, operating as Harry Gwala FM, was granted license on 28th August 2015. It consists of three aerials, Straalhoek (uMzimkhulu) and Transnet (Donnybrook) and Kokstad aerials at 88.8fm and 101.9fm respectively. This project covers 400 km radius. An internal analysis of the organization was conducted; by means of a strategic plan session, to assess the internal and external environment of the organization. The exercise was to find out the organizational challenges and successes, challenges that need intervention and successes that we need to build on to ensure a developed community, which is the main business of the organization. There are several skills that the staff members should mainly possess, Administrative, Management, Financial, Programming, Marketing, Journalism etc.

Our principles, aims and objectives

HGFM shall have its primary focus on community development.

HGFM shall also focus on all social ills such as problems of social education, unemployment, poverty, lack of entertainment, tribalism, racism and abuse of human rights in communities within its broadcasting footprint.

HGFM shall also apply affirmative action policies to redress the historic imbalances.

HGFM shall not broadcast any material that promotes hatred, discrimination against an individual or a group on basis of race, sex, age mental or physical ability or sexual orientation. Such materials will only be aired within the context of larger issues and only when its use is necessary to the listeners understanding of the issues.

HGFM shall strive to be self-reliant to ensure that funders and commercials interest does not overlook its community responsibilities.

HGFM shall air material in a comprehensive, balanced, articulate context, while actively promoting local content and development.

HGFM shall be apolitical in nature and refrain its involvement from any individual or party whom it believe promote hatred, discrimination against an individual or a group or class of individuals on the basis of race, religion, nationality or ethnic origin, hue or colour, sex, age, mental or physical abilities or sexual orientation.

HGFM pledges to practice equal treatment to all people within and outside its broadcasting footprint in terms of participation in programmes; however, the programming department reserves the editorial rights.